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Welcome to Family Options, Inc

Family Options, Inc. is a non-profit Christian Agency founded on the solid teachings of Jesus Christ.  We are dedicated to providing all men, women, and children regardless of abilities or disabilities, or religious affiliation with quality supports to become active members in their communities, to build and sustain meaningful relationships with family and friends, and to succeed with their individual, educational, professional, and personal goals. 

Family Options, Inc., was developed on a foundation that, with quality and adequate assessments, supports, and creativity every individual, regardless of disability could enjoy a meaningful and quality life. By encouraging each individual to reach his or her maximum potential, respecting individualism, and providing settings that are normalized and promote valorization every person in the agency's care will achieve a meaningful, quality life.

The Agency trains all employees to assist each individual in achieving the above by providing sound, therapeutic, and habilative residential care that encompass current Connecticut Department of Mental Retardation philosophy, and policies. All supports and services will maintain and encourage family involvement.


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