Management Team

Family Options Program Directors work hard to achieve success in all aspects of their programs, with special focus on planning, coordinating and directing the daily living activities of our clients.

Each of our residents, regardless of ability, gender or lifestyle, is supported to become active members of their community. They build and sustain meaningful relationships. They succeed in their individual, educational, professional, and personal goals.

Family Option's hallmark is respecting the individual and their God-given gifts and helping each resident reach their full potential.

Shawn Maia
Administrator of Program Services
  • A graduate of Southern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Health.
  • Joined Family Options in 2009 with more than 20 years experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities.

Community Residence Programs:

Graham Ridge

Program Director:
Natalie Claude
  • A graduate of Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work.
  • Having worked with individuals having developmental disabilities of various ages for 4 years, a Family Options Program Director for 2 years.
Amanda Morgante


Program Director:
Tiffany Ledyard
  • Joined Family Options in 2014 having worked in the Human Services field for more than 10 years.
  • Director of Charles Program and two Individualized Day Programs, has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services with plans to pursue a Master’s in Social Work.
Ivory Oritz-Hunter

Jenta & Watertown CRS

Program Director:
Edward Barnes
  • Edward joined Family Options in 2016
  • Professional career experience as a direct care specialist.
Hevia Coriano


Program Director:
Ashlee Wilson
  • Joined Family Options in 2015.
  • Professional career experience in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities since 2008.

Brooks Hill

Program Director:
Preston Fox
Ivory Ortiz-Hunter