Our organization was founded in 2000 to provide services to persons with developmental disabilities regardless of age, who have the capacity to benefit substantially from the direct services we offer. To continue high standards of services, we must be staffed with compassionate, qualified people.

The individual employees who work for FAMILY OPTIONS are the measure of what this organization can do.  Whether in administration or direct services, support or professional services, their abilities, energies and attitude largely determine what this organization will accomplish.

FAMILY OPTIONS is a demanding yet rewarding environment in which to work.  We expect a lot from our staff, just as our program participants have high expectations of us to assist in meeting their needs.

There’s a challenge in working for an organization that changes rapidly.  But as the needs of our program participants change, so must Family Options.  OUR STAFF MUST BE FLEXIBLE, ABLE TO ADAPT TO NEW IDEAS OF SERVICE, NEW LOCATIONS AND NEW PARTICIPANTS.  FAMILY OPTIONS makes every effort to provide opportunities for staff training so that our employees continue to grow as the organization does.

FAMILY OPTIONS needs people who are efficient, responsive and dedicated to serving our clients. We continually seek great employees who derive satisfaction out of assisting others and take pride in the work they accomplish.

If you match our qualifications and share our dedication to service, please apply today. We welcome you to click on the link below and start the process.

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