Our Directors


Candace E. Eggleston

Candace E. Eggleston, Executive Director


Matthew R. Brinckerhoff

Clinical Director, Matthew R. Brinckerhoff

One of Ms. Eggleston's proudest achievements is advancing from direct care staff to Director of Day Program Services and Family Support Program for a local agency, while completing her Bachelors degree. As Executive Director of Family Options, she continues to expertly create and manage programs that meet the individual and challenging needs of children and adults with disabilities. Ms. Eggleston holds a Master’s degree in Special Education, and is a CT certified K - 12 Special Education Teacher.

Mr. Brinckerhoff's career has advanced from providing direct care residential services to adults with disabilities, to successfully creating and administering behavioral support plans for individuals with challenging behaviors, sitting on the West Region's Human Rights Committee and the Region's Programmatic Review Committee, and working as a behavioral consultant with the West Region DDS/DCF Agencies. Mr. Brinckerhoff holds a Master of Science degree in Psychology.

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